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Discover the homelands of the founders of New France

Come on the footsteps of Samuel Champlain, founder of Quebec in 1608. Discover the territories from which hundreds of pioneers left in the 17th century to settle down in New France. Immerse yourself in this History, find the genealogical thread to your ancestors and visit the main sites tracing this epic.

1 destination, 3 locations

Discover the three main centres of French emigration to New France during the 17th century: Eure and Perche in Normandy, and the Marennes Basin in Charente-Maritime.

Enter the history of your ancestors

Immerse yourself in the history of the founding and settlement of New France and go on your origins' research.

Tour routes

Follow in the footsteps of your ancestors and their life in the past, visit the emblematic and commemorative places of their history, during a few hours or a few days.

The 6 must-see sites

Are you starting your genealogical search in the footsteps of your ancestors, but don't have much time to spend during your stay? 
Is this your first visit to France in the footsteps of your ancestors?

Here are the 6 must-see sites to learn about the history of French emigration to New France during a few hours or few days.

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