Getting involved in welcoming North American tourists to France

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The project "Terres de nos ancêtres" is not just for North American tourists. It may also be of interest to you if you have a particular interest in this aspect of French history.

The project partners in Normandy and Charente-Maritime are ready to answer your questions and work with you to find ways to get involved.

You are passionate about genealogy and the historical link between France and North America: share your interest with North American tourists!

The project "Land of Our Ancestors" invites North American visitors to travel in the footsteps of their ancestors. If you have a detailed knowledge of history, French emigration patterns to North America and genealogical expertise, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime to make some great connections! You'll gain useful tips as well as fascinating insights into how our culture has evolved over time as you travel through various regions of France.

The vocation of "Terres de nos ancêtres" is not only to offer tourists from Canada or the United States tips for organizing their trip, it also aims to offer them an authentic experience, to help them discover their roots, their history, yours, ours, that of France and the families who lived there!

We invite you to contact the project team to express your interest and to consider together the modalities and extent of your involvement.