Genealogical research in Quebec and Canada

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To find one's ancestors, one's history, that of one's family and why not of distant relatives is a return to one's origins that more and more people want to make. But how to go about it? Where to start?

Find your first ancestor who arrived in New France

Are you looking to find out the name and location of the first of your ancestors to set foot on North American soil? Through the available archives, you can discover from which part of Europe he came, when and where he settled in New France.

Trace your ancestors in France

To go even further, you can find out about your ancestors in France, the area where they lived and what job they did there.

To continue your genealogical research in France, you can contact

Find your first ancestor who arrived in New France

Let yourself be guided by the tours proposed on our website. They will lead you in the footsteps of your French ancestors, you will be able to wander through the villages where they lived, observe the landscape that made their daily life and you may be lucky enough to find the street, the path and maybe even the house where they lived.