Historical sightseeing tours: Canadian roots in France

French explorers and settlers crossed the Atlantic to the New World in the mid-16e century. They arrived in Port-Royal in 1604 before colonising Acadia. By 1670, the Acadian colony was home to about 400 people.

The French pushed a little further west into the St. Lawrence Valley to found Quebec in 1608.

Gradually, period by period, more and more French people from mainly Brittany, Poitou, Ile-de-France, Normandy and Perche, They migrated to New France, which became in turn the Province of Quebec, Lower Canada, Canada East and, finally, Quebec. Do not hesitate to consult our file to learn more about the history of French emigration to Canada.

Are you one of those people who are looking to trace their origins and follow in the footsteps of their ancestors? Then you've come to the right place.

Finding your French ancestors before they emigrated to Canada

If you are doing genealogical research, there are various structures you can turn to for help.

There are whole communities on social networks whose aim is to find distant relatives, French ancestors or cousins on the other side of the Atlantic to exchange, share stories and memories and even meet each other. 

We have also put together some resources that may help you trace your family history in France.

More than just tours to be followed to the letter, we offer a range of information, historical and tourist sites, recommendations and advice for visiting the France of your ancestors.

Crossing the Atlantic to venture into unknown lands can be intimidating. Don't worry, everything has been thought of to facilitate your preparations, your journey and your discoveries!

Tour routes

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Tour routes



Welcoming cousins and relatives from Quebec to France

Do you live in these areas and are you passionate about history? Do you like to meet new people and introduce them to your locality?

Who knows, maybe some of the Quebecers who visit your commune are distant cousins or relatives and you share some of your own origins with them.

You can get involved in our roots tourism project, either as a partner in the tours (guide, restaurateur, guest house or hotel...), to share your passion for history with other enthusiasts of the past, or for the pleasure of making beautiful human encounters.