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Do you want to know your roots? Learn more about your ancestors? Make your family tree?
You don't know how to do it or where to start? Here are some addresses that can help you!

Who was your first ancestor to arrive in New France?

If your quest leads you to the footsteps of a French migrant across the Atlantic, or a native, Canada and North America have a variety of sources to reconstruct the story of this ancestor.

Following your ancestors in France

Entities to help you in your research in France

To create a family tree, there are many software programs, some of which are free; they allow you to enter all the information you find on each person. Thanks to them, you will be able to edit family trees, family sheets, ascending and descending lists. Futura science has published a long guide to finding the right software for you.

DNA research as a genealogical research tool?

Genetic tests for ancestry are available over the counter in Canada. These tests only tell you where your ancestors came from in terms of the Native American, French or English contribution to your genetic heritage. The principle is to compare your DNA to "indigenous" people called referents. These tests are often associated with paid genealogy sites.

They don't really help you create your family tree or even learn about your family history.